How to Assemble and Install GOTV


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GOtv is a pay television channel broadcast offering on Digital Terrestrial Television(DTT) and is Africa’s first commercial operation using the advanced DVB-T2 digital standards. The word GOtv stands for Get Out The Vote. A Method used by politicians and parties to encourage the masses to come out and cast their votes.

GOtv was first launched in 2011 to provide affordable family entertainment and is currently available in 11 countries and more.

GOtv is a great product of multichoice just like DSTV but it uses Digital Antenna to broadcast it’s channels.

Now, considering Nigeria, GOtv as of the time I am writing this article is purchased at NGN 8,100 naira company price.

As it is arranged inside a concise carton, it’s contents are as follows:

1. a digital GOtv decoder (with one month free subsription of NGN 3,200 naira)

2. a remote control

3. a terrestrial antenna (GOtenna)

4. a roll of RG-6 coaxial cable

5. a power adapter plug

6. an AV wire ( 3 is to 1 type)


When you open your GOtv, bring out the Antenna and start arranging it as follows,

The GOtenna has two segment, clip them together green to green and red to red,

Fix the one end of the coaxial cable to yellow coloured reception tower of the GOtenna as shown below,

After fixing the cable to the GOtenna, remember as you are hanging the GOtenna on the pole that will take it higher than your building roof-top for a better signal reception, the red side must be on top while the green side will be down, check it out,

On the pole, use black solotape to affirm the coaxial cable on the pole so that breeze will not pull it down in no distance time and also with the clip, fix the antenna to the pole very firmly,

Now, stand the pole with GOtenna vertically and carry the other end of the coaxial cable inside the room where the decoder is placed and connect it into the RF IN of the decoder.


You can now connect the 3 is to 1 AV wire in its proper position and that of the power adapter to its own assigned position on the decoder as displayed below,

After that, connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the RF IN pot of the decoder as shown below,

Now, power ON the decoder. Immediately you switched the GOtv decoder ON, the first thing it will do is to boot, after which you will see this screen as revealed below,

The first message says, “First Time Installation Press Ok” , so follow the prompt and press ok. It will take you into language and country selection, select yours and press ok,

Now, select the antenna power OFF and press ok so that the decoder will go on to scan all the channels that GOtv has, numbering up to 72 interesting channels,

Press ok to start scanning,

Now after scanning, you see the free channel displayed simultaneously, as below,

Once, you see this channel shown, it means that you have gotten the signal which enabled the decoder to scan all the channels.


To activate your GOtv decoder, simply press 5 on the remote control of your decoder, which opens African Magic Yoroba, as seen below,

Then you will see the error code E017-0: The Decoder is not enabled for this channel. Please contact the GOtv call centre for assistance.

At this stage, you have about three options to activate your GOtv decoder. Those options are,

1. through calling of the customer care Airtel toll free line on +237080630900 and provide them with your name, phone number and your decoder IUC number and they will open the remaining channels for you.

2. You can log into MyGOtv App, scroll down to ” New TO GOTV” section and click ok. A new page will open up where you will fill in your details as listed, Country, City, Surname, Mobile Number and IUC Number, once you are through, click the ” ACTIVATE ” botton below and between 3 to 4 minutes, the whole channels will be opened and ready to be viewed.

3. The third option is by the use of the website ”, once you log into the site, you will enter your details to activate your decoder as follows, –select your city–, Surname, IUC number, Mobile telephone then go down and press the botton “ACTIVATE NEW ACCOUNT” and after that, between 3 to 4 minutes the whole channels will be up and showing like below,

Congratulations!!! You made it successfully. If you can follow the above directives carefully, i assure you that GOtv new installation could be done by you. And you can even be fixing, assembling and installing for other people around you who will not be able to do it and collect your installation fee or workmanship from them. It sounds good, isn’t it? In Nigeria, some installers charge as from NGN1,500 to NGN2,000

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